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Welcome to the Natural Hazards Research Centre

The Natural Hazards Research Centre has research programmes related to studies of active tectonics and earthquakes, landscape evolution modelling, land-use planning, urban vulnerability to volcanic eruptions and health risks from eruptions.

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Ashfall, Mt Mepal, Indonesia

Photo of Shaun Williams Shaun Williams, studying towards a PhD in Hazard and Disaster Management
‘This PhD project is my way of contributing to the recovery effort in Samoa...’


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computerVulnerability of Laptop Computers to Volcanic Ash and Gas Laptop computers are an important part of modern society, particularly in volcanic field research and volcanic monitoring.  As such, these monitoring computers are subject to harsh conditions in volcanic environments, and it is vital that these computers continue to work as the data obtained is invaluable for monitoring and modelling purposes.

tzunamiPeople of New Zealand awoke to the news on Sunday 28 February 2010 of a devastating 8.8 magnitude earthquake occurring just offshore of Chile, triggering tsunami warnings to be issued across the Pacific, including New Zealand. Read more>>

L'Aquila EarthquakeL'Aquila Earthquake
(7 Apr) Rescuers searched through the night for survivors of an earthquake that killed more than 130 people in central Italy early on Monday and left thousands of homeless huddled in tent camps and rough shelters. Read more >>

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